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Oakland Chinese Church Youth Group

Below is a list of MP3 recordings of sermons. To download, right-click and select "Save Link As...".

2013 Archives
05_19 Walls and Gates (Joe Cillufo).mp3
05_25 Friends (Joe Cillufo).mp3
1_13 Pastor Brady (The Secret of Being Content).mp3
1_20 Pastor Brady (What's Your Passion).mp3
1_27 Randy Johnson (Morph- change).mp3
1_6 Pastor Brady (One of the Most Encouriging Verses to Live By).mp3
2_10 Pastor Brady (Transcendent vs Immanent).mp3
2_17 Elder Chen (The Promise From Jesus).mp3
2_24 Randy Johnson (Amazing Love).mp3
2_3 Pastor Brady (Open Your Eyes).mp3
3_10 Randy Johnson (Passion).mp3
3_3 Pastor Brady (Living Radically).mp3
2012 Archives
01_01 Sweet Spot (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
01_08 Why is being good so Important (Pastor Tsui).mp3
01_15 Living by the Spirit (Galatians 5_13-26, Pastor Brady).mp3
01_29 Sweet Spot Living (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
02_05 Boasting in the Cross of Christ (Galatians 6_11-18, Pastor Brady).mp3
02_12 (1 Samuel 19, Randy Johnson).mp3
02_19 Living a Separated Life of Glory (Daniel Chapter 1, Pastor Brady).mp3
02_26 Dare to Make a Choice (1 Samuel 20, Randy Johnson).mp3
03_04 Revealer of mysteries & Controller of history (Pastor Brady).mp3
03_11 How Do I Make People Like Me, Think Highly of Me (Pastor Tsui).mp3
03_18 Against the current of the culture (Daniel 3, Pastor Brady).mp3
03_25 The Healing of Pride (Daniel 4, Pastor Brady).mp3
04_01 Search for Significance & Ignoring God (Daniel 5, Pastor Brady).mp3
04_08 Resurrection Life (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
04_22 What we see in life and what is happening may be two different things (Daniel 6, Pastor Brady).mp3
04_29 (Randy Johnson).mp3
05_06 Looking toward the future… (Daniel 7, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_13 God Wins (Daniel 8, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_20 Two Word Story (Randy Johnson).mp3
06_03 When Your World is Falling Apart… (Daniel 9, Pastor Brady).mp3
06_10 Nothing Compares to You (Psalm 73, Pastor Brady).mp3
06_17 FATHER's day (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
06_24 Be Ordinary (Roy Townsend).mp3
07_08 Growing Awareness of the Spirit… (John 3_8, Pastor Brady).mp3
07_15 (Pastor Tsui).mp3
07_22 (1 Samuel, Randy Johnson).mp3
07_29 Centered (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
08_12 Light out of Fragility (2 Corinthians 4_7-12, Pastor Brady).mp3
08_19 From Mud to Majesty (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
08_26 Trusting in God (Gary Solloci).mp3
09_02 Allowing the Spirit’s dominance (2 Timothy 1_1-7, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_09 Faith Or Religion (John 4_1-29, Pastor Tsui).mp3
09_16 Don't Be Ashamed (2 Timothy 2_8-18, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_23 Stentgh (2 Timothy 2_1-13, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_30 Be Strong in Christ Jesus (2 Timothy 2_14-26, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_07 Do You Love Me (John 21_1-17, Pastor Randy Johnson).mp3
10_14 Reality Check (2 Timothy 3 1-9, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_21 Reality Check Revisited (2 Timothy 3 19-17, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_28 Asleep at the Wheel (Ephesians 4-5, Gary Sollosi).mp3
11_04 Finish the race (2 Timothy 4_1-7, Pastor Brady).mp3
11_11 Crossing the Finish Line (2 Timothy 4_9-22, Pastor Brady).mp3
11_25 Pastor Tsui (Do You Know Who You Believe).mp3
12_09 Joe Cilluffo (What Kind of Heart Do You Have).mp3
12_23 Pastor Brady (And He Will Be Called Wonderful).mp3
12_30 Joe Cilluffo.mp3
2011 Archives
01_02 I Am (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
01_09 What?s with the 666 (Revelation 13, Pastor Brady).mp3
01_16 Straddling the Fence Not Allowed (Relevation 14, Pastor Brady).mp3
01_23 Pride (1 Samuel 14-16 , Randy Johnson).mp3
02_06 God's Time Bomb (Relevation 14, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
02_13 Saul's Downfall (1 Samuel 15, Randy Johnson).mp3
02_27 (Revelation 16, PAstor Brady).mp3
03_06 (1 Samuel 16 , Randy Johnson).mp3
03_13 (Revelation 17, Brother Yang Chen).mp3
03_27 Eat or Get Eaten (Relevation 19, Pastor Brady).mp3
04_17 The 1000-year Reign (Relevation 20, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_01 Washing Feet (Luke 7_36-50, Mr Lee).wav
05_08 Make Yourself Ready (Relevations 21, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
05_15 The Meaning of Baptism (Romans 6, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
05_22 What Does Heaven Look Like (Revelation 2_19-27, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_29 (1 Samuel 18, Randy Johnson).mp3
06_05 Special (Genesis 50_15, Pastor Haytham).mp3
06_12 (Relevations 22, Pastor Brady).mp3
06_19 Shut up and Speak Up (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
06_26 Experiencing God (Pastor Brady).mp3
07_10 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (Roy Townsend).mp3
07_17 Knowing and Doing God's Will (Exodus 2-3, Pastor Brady).mp3
07_24 Our Invitation to be a part of something Great (Exodus 3_7-12, Pastor Brady).mp3
07_31 What do you want (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
08_07 Engaging in God's Covenant (Steve Kozak).mp3
08_21 Crisis of Faith (Exodus 4_1-17, Pastor Brady).mp3
08_28 Joining God Requires Adjustments (Exodus 4_18-21, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_04 Joining God Requires Obedience.mp3
09_18 Grace (Pastor Brady).mp3
09_25 5 Targets of Love (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
10_09 The truth about the Truth (Galatians 1_11-24, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_16 Feel Freedom (The true gospel) (Galatians 2_1-10, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_23 Passion for God (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
11_06 Grace Given to Us (Galations 3, Pastor Brady).mp3
12_04 Don’t Make Yourself a Slave Again (Galatians 4_8-20, Pastor Brady).mp3
12_11 Nothing Without Jesus (Randy Johnson).mp3
12_18 Connections (Col. 2_19, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
2010 Archives
01_03 Things We Can Be Certain Of (2 Peter 1_12-21, Pastor Brady).mp3
01_10 God Is Sovereign (1 Samuel 2, Randy Johnson).mp3
01_17 Good News For All People (Acts 10_1-48, Pastor Brady).mp3
01_24 Unstoppable Power of God (Acts 19_19-30, Yang Chen).mp3
02_14 Kissing in Scripture (Randy Johnson).mp3
02_21 When God is Moving, Look Out! (Acts 13, Brady).mp3
03_14 Ripples of the Gospel (Acts 14_1-28, Pastor Brady).mp3
03_21 God is calling on you (Acts 15, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
03_28 Let's Get Ready to Rumble (Acts 15_36-16_5, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_09 Spiritual Friendships (Acts 20_36-21_8, Pastor Brady).mp3
05_16 Acts 22 (Yang Chen).wav
06_06 Light the Fire ( Joe Cilluffo).mp3
06_13 Forgiven much, loving much (Luke 7_36-50, Pastor Brady).mp3
07_18 Its a Marathon (2 Timothy 4_6-8, Pastor Brady).mp3
08_29 (Relevations 1_4-8, Yan Chen).mp3
09_05 What would He say about us (Relevations 2_1-7, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_19 (Relevations 2_12-17, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_26 Letters to the Churches (Relevations 2_18-29, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_03 (Revelations 3_1-6, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_10 God's Glory (Relevations, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
10_17 God's Plan (Revelations 5_1-14, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_24 God'sWrath (Revelations 6, Brother Chen Yang).mp3
10_31 (Relevations 7, Pastor Brady).mp3
11_07 How would you live your life (Relevations 8, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
11_14 Don't Let People Look Down on You (1 Timothy 3_12-14, Pastor Tsui).mp3
11_21 Bringing This Age To An End (Revelation 8_13 ? 9_21, Pastor Brady).mp3
11_29 May Your Lifesong Speak (2 Corinthians 5_9-21, Pastor Brady).mp3
12_05 Sweet as honey, but feels like undercook chicken (Revelation 10, Pastor Brady).mp3
12_11 Patience (1 Samuel 13, Dr Randy Johnson).mp3
12_26 Revelation 12 (Yang Chen).mp3
2009 Archives
07_05 How to Become a God Addict (Jeremiah 35, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
07_12 Hannah's Sacrifice (1 Samuel 2, Randy Johnson).mp3
07_17 (OCCYG Retreat - Just One Thing) Message 1 - The Cost of the Gospel, Mark 10_13-31.mp3
07_18 (OCCYG Retreat - Just One Thing) Message 2 - The Heart of the Gospel, John 9.mp3
07_18 (OCCYG Retreat - Just One Thing) Message 3 - The Pursuit of the Gospel, Philippians 3.mp3
07_19 (OCCYG Retreat - Just One Thing) Message 4 - The Glory of the Gospel, Psalm 27.mp3
07_26 True Follower (Matthew 16_13-26, Pastor Brady).mp3
08_03 The Call from God (1 Samuel_3, Dr Randy Johnson).mp3
08_09 Gods's Ringtone (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
08_16 Making Tough Decisions (Roy Downsend).mp3
08_23 God's follower (Colossians 3_5-11, Pastor Brady).mp3
08_30 A Great Sin (1 Samuel 4_3-22, Randy Johnson).mp3
09_13 The Gift Arrives (Acts 2_1-21, Pastor Brady).mp3
09_20 Holy Smoke Holy Ghost (Acts 1 Joe Cilluffo).mp3
09_27 God's Hand (1 Samuel 5, Randy Johnson).mp3
10_11 How do I make a U-turn in my life (Acts 3_1-26, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_18 Filled with Jesus' Spirit (Acts 4_1-22, Pastor Brady).mp3
10_25 The Ark Returned to Israel (1 Samuel 6, Randy Johnson).mp3
11_01 When God Moves (Acts 5, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
11_08 Giving Your Whole Heart to God (1 Samuel 7, Dr Randy Johnson).mp3
11_15 You Can't Stop This Train (Acts 5_17-42, Pastor Brady).mp3
11_29 Superheroes in Christ (Acts 8_4-40, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
12_06 Which Chair Are You On (1 Samuel 8, Randy Johnson).mp3
12_13 Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8_26-40, Yang Chen).mp3
12_20 Life Interupted (Acts 9_1-19, Pastor Brady).mp3
12_27 Nothing Stays the Same (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
2009 Winter Retreat 01102009 Pastor (Afternoon rcrd by HH).mp3
2009-06-28 Hannah's Prayer (1 Samuel 1_1-28, Randy Johnson).mp3
Congratulations yuore invited (Luke 14_15-24).mp3
Difference between Unity and Mixture.mp3
Followers not Fans (Luke 14_25-35, Randy).mp3
Jesus, the Only Way to Salvation (Luke 13_22-30, Randy Johnson).mp3
Mark Biebuyck Morning 01102009 (rcrd by HH).mp3
Open Our Eyes (Luke 18_31-43) Pstor Brady.mp3
Prayer (Luke 18_1-8, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Rags, Riches, or Both (Luke 16_13-19, Joe Cilloffo).mp3
Restoration Hardware (Luke_10-17, Brady).mp3
Resurrection (John 12_12-28, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Roll Out the Red Carpet (Luke 19_28-44, Pastor Brady).mp3
Signs of the End of the Age (Luke 21_5-38, Pastor Brady).mp3
So close yet so far (Luke 13_31-35, Pastor Brady).mp3
The Comming of the Kingdon of God (Luke 20_20-37, Steve Kozak).mp3
The Parable of the Ten Parables (Luke 19_11-27, Pastor Haythem).mp3
Where are the other nine (Luke 17_11-19, Pastor Brady).mp3
Who Said- Dont Sweat the Smalll Stuff (Joshua 11_21-23).mp3
2008 Archives
(Luke 10_11-24, Pastor Brady).mp3
(Luke 9, Pastor Brady).mp3
(Luke 9_18-20, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Are You Looking for Forgiveness (Luke 7_36-50, Steve Kozak).mp3
Are You the Same Kid as the One in Nazareth (Luke 4_14-30, Brady).mp3
Are you an Obstacle or (Mathew 8_1-4, Pastor Haytham Abi Haydar).mp3
Be Dressed and Ready (Luke 12_35-48, Brady).mp3
Be Jesus Cool (1 Timothy 4_16, Joe Chilluffo).mp3
Being Hot (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Being the Body of Christ through Humble Service (Philippians 1_27-2_8, Patrick Smith).mp3
Being the Body of Christ through Humble Service2 (Philippians 1_27-2_8, Patrick Smith).mp3
Christians and Hypocrits (Luke 12_1-12, Dr Johnson).mp3
Confessing Your Sin (John_1, Pastor Haythum).mp3
Dont be fool Get rich with God (Luke_12_13-21).mp3
Eating the Word og God (Luke_10_1-10, Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Follow Me (Luke 5_27-32, Steve Kozak).mp3
Follow and Imitate Jesus (Phillippians 2_1-12, Steve Kozak).mp3
Freedom from Jesus Christ (Joe Cilluffo) Oct 19.mp3
God Will Provide (Luke 9_10-17, Dr. Randy Johnson)
God so loves the world (John 3_16, Randy Speck).mp3
God's Power (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
He's Calling (Luke 5_1-11, Pastor Brady).mp3
Help for the Hopeless (Luke 8_40-56, Pastor Brady).mp3
Is God the Center of your Life (Acts 10, Pastor Haythan)).mp3
Is He the Christ (Joe Cilluffo).mp3
Jesus Gives a Deamon the Boot (Luke 4_31-41, Brady).mp3
Jesus Transifuguration (Luke9_28-36, Dr. Johnson)
John The Baptist (Luke 3_1-18, Steve Cozac).mp3
Loving your Neighbor (Luke 10_25-37, Brady).mp3
Meaning of Sabbath (Luke 6_1-10, Steve Kozak).mp3
Response Needed (Luke 11_24-35, Brady).mp3
Special Sharing Luke and Anita.mp3
Temptation (Luke 4_1-13, Randy Johnson).mp3
The Cost of Discipleship (Steve Kozak).mp3
The Great Commission (Matthew 28, Patrick Smith).mp3
The Lord's Prayer (Luke 11_1-13, Dr Randy Johnson).mp3
The Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6_17-23, Pastor Brady).mp3
The Sermon on the Plain - Encouraging Judgement (Luke 6_37-42, Brady).mp3
The Vine and the Branches (John 15_1-17, AIV Sara Wolfgram).mp3
Who is Jesus to youK (Luke 6_43 V 45, Dr Randy Johnson).mp3
2007 Archives
2 Timothy 2_14-26 (Randy Johnson, 8-19-2007).mp3
A Command and A Promise (Pastor Brady, Feb 04,2007).mp3
A View from Above and Down Below (Luke 1_1 V 25, Pastor Brady)12-09-07.mp3
An Entrance to Salvation (Luke1_26-45, Steve Cozac).mp3
Comes Back to Me (Malachi 3 v6-12, Pastor Brady) 11-18-2007.mp3
Do You Believe the Bible (Joe Cilluffo, 0715_07).mp3
Excellence & Mediocrity (Malachi 1 v13-17, Dr Johnson)_10-14-2007.mp3
Faith vs Fear (2 Timothy 1_1-7, Dr Randy Johnson 0722_07).mp3
Faith vs Shame (2 Timothy 1_8-14, Dr Randy Johnson 0729_07).mp3
God's Big Picture Series - the Final Chapter (Pasotr Brady, 0311_07).mp3
God's Extremes - Fearful & Comforting (Dr. Joe, Feb 18)
Grow Your Heavenly Account (Philippians 4_10-20, 0617_07).mp3
Guys Who Are Walking the Walk (Philippians 2_19-30, 051307).mp3
His Amazing Love - The Climax to God's Big Story (Pastor Brady, Jan 28,2007).mp3
His Justice Made Apparent (Malichi 2_17-3_5, Brady) Nov 11.mp3
Never Give Up (Philippians 3_12-4_1, Dr Johnson, 060307).mp3
jeffLiu Part A.mp3
jeffLiu Part B.mp3
Mind Awakening (Matthew 22 vv37-40, Patrick Smith) 11-25-2007.mp3
Passing the Baton (Brady, 2 Tim 2_1-13).mp3
Phiilippians 2_5-8 042207.mp3
Philippians 1v1-11 (Pastor Brady,0318_07).mp3
Philippians 1v12-18 (Pastor Brady,0325_07).mp3
Plugging into the Power Source - God's Big Picture Series (Brady, 0211_07).mp3
Stop Your Bickering (Philippians 4_2-7, Pastor Brady,0610_07).mp3
Surviving in a Degerating World (2 Timothy 3_10-17, Brady).mp3
The Law of Priorities (2 Timothy 4_1-5, Randy, Spet 9).mp3
The Life's Song (Randy Speck, 0225_07).mp3
The Perfected Kingdom (Pastor Brady, 0304_07).mp3
To Know Jesus Personally (Philippians 3_1-11, 0520_07).mp3
Using the Most Unlikely Spots in Life (part 2, Philippians 1 18-26).mp3
Victory (Joe Cilluffo) 28-10-2007.mp3
Warnings of a Degenrating World (2 Timothy 3_1-9, Aug 26).mp3
We Are Driven by Instinctive Passions (Joe Cilluffo, 0701_07).mp3
What Have You Dne for me Lately (Malachi 1_1-5, Pastor Brady).mp3
When You Heart and Attitude Catches Up With You (Malachi 3_12 V 4_6, Pastor Brady)12-02-07.mp3
Who Are The RIghteous_ (Mark 2v13-17, Patrick Smith).mp3
Working It Out before a Watching World (Philippians 2_12-18, 050607).mp3
You are the Diet Pepsi of Priests (Malachi 2 v1-9, Pastor Brady) 10-21-2007.mp3
ZhaoLi (0325_07).mp3